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a planet situated above Svargaloka. This place is obtained by upakurvāṇa brahmacārīs, students of the Vedas who honor their teacher with a gift after completing their studies and before becoming gṛhasthas. The great sages who are progenitors of the universe reside on this planet. One obtains this planet by performing sacrifices, undergoing the yoga discipline and other similar practices which are far superior to the pious activities by which one becomes eligible for Svargaloka. When there is a partial devastation of the universe at the end of Brahmā’s day, the three worlds, Bhūr, Bhuvar, and Svar, are destroyed, but the higher planets beginning from Maharloka remain intact.
Maharloka is the fourth of seven upper planetary systems, named: 1) Bhūr or Bhūrloka 2) Bhuvar or Bhuvarloka 3) Svar or Svarloka, Svarga, Svargaloka 4) Mahar or Maharloka 5) Janas or Janaloka 6) Tapas or Tapaloka 7) Satya or Satyaloka, Brahmāloka

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